Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant massage has many advantages that full term and healthy babies can also enjoy, including improved weight gain, neurological development and digestion.

Infant Massage Decreases Cortisol

Many studies have shown that touch decreases levels of Cortisol, which is the stress hormone our body produces.  Infants with an abnormally high level of Cortisol can experience damage to the hippocampus, the area of their brain that controls memory and cognition. Infant massage decreases the level of stress.

In addition to infant massage reducing levels of stress from new daily experiences, it also encourages the baby and parent to relax.  Once an infant is in a relaxed state, studies have shown that they sleep deeper and for longer periods of time.  Improved sleep for babies that makes their mood really good.

Since touch is our first form of communication, infant massage increases a parent’s confidence to understand and respond appropriately to their child’s needs. In turn, when a babies needs are met quickly, they grow up to become more secure and confident as an adult.

Infant Massage Started in the 1970′s.

Clinical research on the benefits of infant massage began in the 1970s.  Multiple studies have supported a wide range of benefits of infant massage, particularly for premature and medically fragile babies.  Specifically, studies have shown an increase in weight gain, improved myelination of nerves and improved immune system, which all encourage emotional, cognitive and physical developmental growth.

Infant massage is truly an amazing way to connect and nurture your new baby.  I suggest that you give it a try – Infant Massage!


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